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xoid provides an isomorphic API for React, Vue, and Svelte. If you're using xoid with one of these frameworks, simply install one of the following packages:

npm install @xoid/react

All these framework integration packages have useAtom and useSetup functions that have the same interface.

Isomorphic component logic

This might be the most unique feature of xoid. With xoid, you can write component logic (including lifecycle) ONCE, and run it across multiple frameworks. This feature is for you especially if:

  • You're a design system, or a headless UI library maintainer
  • You're using multiple frameworks in your project, or refactoring your code from one framework to another
  • You dislike React's render cycle and want a simpler, real closure for managing complex state

The following is called a "setup" function:

import create, { Atom } from 'xoid'
import { effect, inject } from 'xoid/setup'
import { ThemeSymbol } from './theme'

export const CounterSetup = ($props: Atom<{ initialValue: number }>) => {
const { initialValue } = $props.value

const $counter = create(initialValue)
const increment = () => $counter.update((s) => s + 1)
const decrement = () => $counter.update((s) => s - 1)

effect(() => {
return () => console.log('unmounted')

const theme = inject(ThemeSymbol)
console.log("theme is obtained using context:", theme)

return { $counter, increment, decrement }

All @xoid/react, @xoid/vue, and @xoid/svelte modules have an isomorphic useSetup function that can consume functions like this.

We're aware that not all users need this feature, so we've built it tree-shakable. If useAtom is all you need, you may choose to import it from '@xoid/[FRAMEWORK]/useAtom'.

With this feature, you can effectively replace the following framework-specific APIs:

xoid React Vue Svelte
StatecreateuseState / useReducerreactive / refreadable / writable
Derived statecreateuseMemocomputedderived
LifecycleeffectuseEffectonMounted, onUnmountedonMount, onDestroy
Dependency injectioninjectuseContextinjectgetContext