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Advanced concepts

Deriving state from external sources

With an additional overload of the read function, you can consume external (non-xoid) sources. This can be a Redux store, an RxJS observable, or anything that implements getState & subscribe pair. Here is an atom that derives its state from a Redux store:

import store from './reduxStore'

const derivedAtom = create((read) => read(store.getState, store.subscribe))

As long as the external source implements a getState & subscribe, pair, it can be consumed by xoid.

Enhanced atoms

An enhanced atom is an atom whose default .set method is swapped with something else. This technique can be used to create "pass through atoms" that act as a mediators. Most people using xoid will not need to write enhanced atoms. This naming is inspired by Redux's concept of enhancers. For a real-life scenario, see Using in an existing Redux App.

import store from './reduxStore'

const $mediator = create((read) => read(store.getState, store.subscribe))

// we swap the default`.set` method
$mediator.set = (value: number) => store.dispatch({ type: 'ACTION', payload: value })

$mediator.update(s => s + 1) // modifications to `$mediator` will be directly forwarded to Redux dispatch.

Swapping .set also modifies the behavior of .update, because it uses .set internally. This is an intentional feature.